Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.

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Our Values - R.i.s.e.

Resilient: Thriving despite the trials of life.
Innovative: Free to create, not all is black and white.
Servant-leader: Considering others first in pursuit for sucess.
Empathetic: Embracing the reality of others by feeling what they feel and seeing what they see.




Senior Leadership

Meet Mission Solano's Senior Leadership Team. With over 150 years experience in Education, non-profit management, Human Services, Operations, Accounting, Business Development, Fundraising, and much more. A team of dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Brandon A. Wirth
Chief Executive Officer

Shauna Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Dalton
Executive Assistant/HR Manager


Stephanie Stevens
Shelter Services Manager

Dennis Opolentisima
Church Relations Manager



Lynn MacDonald



Board of Directors


Brian Gustafson

Gary Rounsavall

Larry Arce

Brandon A. Wirth