Stories of Hope

When Danielle turned 18, she started on a dark path of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Danielle grew up in a loving and caring family but when she took the wrong turn her family told her they couldn't have her in the house while she was living that lifestyle. So Danielle left.

After years of blaming others for her problems, she wound up having no place to go and was living on the street. She realized that she didn't want this lifestyle anymore.

Once arriving at Mission SOLANO, she found everyone helpful and concerned for her. She wondered why they cared so much when she didn't even care for or like herself. Danielle invested her energy into recovery right away, and was soon given the opportunity to move to the Bridge To Life Center and start the Rays of Hope Program
Cliff Parker spent most of his adult life incarcerated in prison. Suffering from a childhood of pain and abuse, he never found the love and care we all need to grow up healthy. As an adult he continually longed for kindness and hope, even as he did time in prison and solitary. Here, he was able to come to Christ in his darkest moments, and decided that he would eventually be released and start a new life, even when life in prison seemed eminent.

Forward to today - not only did he find kindness and change at Mission SOLANO upon his release, he has stuck around, and is now serving as one of our Community Outreach Center Managers. Along with Gene Ahu, he manages day to day activities at the COC, and also provides case management for the Rays of HOPE participants.

See how Cliff is living out the Fruits of the Spirt by sharing kindness daily with our incoming guests, as well as building relationships and changing lives at Mission SOLANO.
Barbara Wood has been a part of Mission SOLANO since its early years...but it hasn't always been easy. She and her three daughters started as a part of the nomadic sheltering program back in 1999. She tried to change her lifestyle, including an addiction to methamphetamines, but she just couldn't seem to make progress.

Finally, in 2006, she hit rock bottom when she was asked to leave the program after failing a drug test. She found herself living behind a transformer near the Fairfield library, as her daughters found other places to stay.

In June of 2007, she decided she and her family would not live like this anymore. She begged Raymond and Mission SOLANO for a final chance. Surrendering her life to Jesus Christ, she completed Mission SOLANO's recovery program and even reunited with her husband.

Now, she is able to show goodness and grace to those she serves as a supervisor at the Bridge to Life Center. As she has often said, "Mission SOLANO saved my life..."

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