Our Story

In 1998, recognizing that many people struggling with addiction needed more than “three hots and a cot”, Mission SOLANO Rescue Mission focused its vision to develop long-term residential treatment for homeless addicted men, women, and Veterans.

On May 1, 1998, Ron Marlette began the work of creating a solution for the homeless in Solano County. Sitting in a donated office in Vacaville, Ron began calling local politicians and businessmen and sharing his dream of Mission Solano. They had been praying for a building, but the bus was an opportunity, a place to let the homeless sleep at night. “It was a mission in a bus,” Marlette has said. “And the community could no longer say there were no homeless here.” 

Since then, Mission SOLANO has successfully met the basic necessities of the homeless and poverty stricken population. Our unique and nationally recognized Nomadic Sheltering Program provides emergency shelter nights to those in need, while our Social Industries provide food, clothing and ongoing community services. In 2009 we opened our Bridge To Life Center, our long-term solution to homelessness.

Through transitional housing and a holistic program, we address spiritual, physical, emotional, psychosocial and vocational needs. Our six buildings are able to provide for 208 individuals through our Hope Home for Homeless Vets, the Matt Garcia Home for Women and Children, and twelve two-bedroom family units.

Our doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Help is available without charge to any person regardless of race, color, creed or social standing.

Mission SOLANO operates entirely on voluntary contributions. The vast majority of our support comes from individual donors; the balance from churches, organizations, foundations and the corporate community.

We have always adhered to a strict code of financial ethics. You will be happy to know that 84 cents of every dollar entrusted to us goes directly into programs and services.​

The Bridge to Life Center

Mission Solano's Sheltering Program provides shelter, food, and case management to homeless Men, Women, and Children of Solano County. The individual based case management plans or ICP will include educational assistance, life & job skills training, and spiritual growth while providing on/off site access to community resources such as Legal Services, Recovery assistance, Housing, Health & Social Services, VA Benefits, and local Churches.

Our Focus for Restoration Creates Lives Filled with Hope!

We operate 24/7 ~ 365 days of the year
We provide service up to 200 individuals each day
We provide up to 219,000 meals a year
We provide up to 73,000 bed nights per year

Bridge to Life Center resident and head chef Linda left the darkness of drugs and homelessness and hopelessness behind, and has worked to become a beacon of hope and light. Listen as Linda shares about how food and shelter can bring life-change to those in need, and how she sees light restored in the hearts of many.
Sabrena was living in an abandoned concession stand with her husband and their four boys for two years. One day her youngest son was complaining that he was hungry, really hungry and she did not have anything for him to eat.

She told her husband to gather up whatever he could and said they would be going to Mission Solano. But they had no vehicle. Miraculously a woman in a minivan drove up, and asked Sabrena if she was okay. Sabrena said no, she was not. The woman loaded all of her family into her van, and brought them to Mission Solano!

After working with the Rays of Hope Program, Sabrena was recently a recipient of the Giving Tree Award from the Soroptimist International of Vacaville. She and her husband also qualify for a grant which provides housing for one year. Sabrena works at Mission Solano currently as a shelter attendant and her husband works in the vocational landscaping training program which accepts donations for the work they do which goes back to Mission Solano. Sabrena is the happiest she has ever been.
Paulia started hanging out in the kitchen at a very young age. Having experienced homelessness for many years she finally landed at Mission Solano. She currently cooks 6 day a week at the Bridge to Life Center campus for over 100 people at each meal! Together with the menu planner, she takes what is available and transforms it into delicious meals; everyone loves her talents!

She believes that people who are having a hard time, or who are working hard should come home to a place where a shared hot meal allows camaraderie and the ability to talk with others about the trials and joys of their day. Paulia encourages new guests to enjoy this meal and to relax for a moment knowing that they are safe here at Mission Solano.

She says that people blossom over food. Her dream is to open a catering business with Mission Solano and would like the proceeds of her efforts to go directly back into this ministry.
Johnee McKelvey was born in Berkeley to a Catholic family. His substance use started at the early age of ten years old, and continued throughout his whole life. Because he was able to start a family and buy a home, Johnee thought his addiction was under control.

His addiction led him to lose his wife, children, and house. Finding himself without a home, he began living in his truck. Once his truck was impounded, he was forced to live on the street. Wanting to get out of this cycle, Johnee inquired information about Mission Solano from his friends. Having not slept in a bed for over a year, he was eager to begin seeking a hand up.

Johnee’s stay at Mission Solano is the longest he’s been clean in his life. When others speak with him about the program, Johnee gives a five word question, “Are you willing to change?” He asks this knowing that if the answer is yes, this is the program for them.