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Closed Sunday and Monday

Nine Reasons To Donate Your Vehicle To Mission Solano

Two of the buzz phrases of this era are getting the most “Bang for your Buck” and “Go Green”.  Google either of these terms and you will get over 214,000,000 results!  When you donate your vehicle to Mission Solano, you really are getting the most benefit for your donation and going green while you’re at it.
  1. You get a minimum $500 tax deduction, and possibly more.
  2. You help feed, clothe, and shelter the homeless right here in Solano County.
  3. You help fund recovery programs that are changing lives where you live.
  4. You help support a variety of local charities; Mission Solano partners with other charities, helping them to meet their funding needs, and thus they can continue providing valuable services that improve our community.
  5. The sooner you donate, the sooner you can stop paying registration and insurance on your donated vehicle.
  6. You help bring business to locally owned businesses that partner with Mission Solano - these are your friends and neighbors!
  7. Approximately 1/3 of vehicle donations are recycled. Recycling reduces our carbon footprint, helps generate jobs, and keeps dangerous toxins out of our landfill and from polluting the local marshes and marine life in our beautiful county.
  8. You can be confident that we will see your donation through to the end - other donation organizations only offer a “90 day limited agreement”.
  9. ​You make your spouse happy by getting “That Car” off your property!

Information About Donating a Vehicle

Thanks for considering donating your vehicle to Mission Solano. 

We'll fill out all of the paperwork and then we can make the arrangements to receive the vehicle. 

  • Our tow company only does pick-ups on Saturdays.  (The donation paperwork can be done during the week)
  • Vehicles that will go to Pick-N-Pull can usually be picked up in 72 hours.
  • There is no charge to the donor for towing. 

We take both running and non-running vehicles. 

Vehicles do not need to be currently registered.

If you don't have the title:

  • You'll need to take the most recent registration paperwork that you have for the vehicle to the DMV and request a $5 Vehicle History Report OR
  • This form can also be obtained online at for a cost of $2.00. 
  • We can use the VHR in place of the title along with an Application for Paperless Transfer.

We will provide you with all the required IRS documentation needed to claim your donation.  In 2005 the IRS changed the rules regarding valuing a donation.  The value is based on what the donee agency receives for the donation. 

  • Vehicles sold for up to $500.00 entitle the donor to a $500.00 deduction. 
  • Vehicles sold for over $500.00 generally entitle the donor to the amount received by the donee agency. 
  • When the vehicle is sold, the donor receives a letter notifying them of the amount received along with any additionally required IRS documents. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail at, or by phone at (707) 425-FOOD.