Bridge to Life Center Shelter Attendant

30 Hours Per Week

Position Summary:

Oversee the shelter guests and volunteers in a professional, safe and compassionate manner.


  • Directs shelter guests and volunteers in their daily activities.​
  • ​Maintains order, safety, and security at the BTLC.
  • Completes intake forms on all incoming guests.
  • Assesses the needs of the shelter guests and recommends appropriate action.​
  • Communicates and enforces the shelter safety rules and resident correction / reward policies.
  • Assigns chores to shelter guests and ensures chores are performed satisfactorily.
  • Ensures that all facilities are kept clean and organized including the showers, restrooms.
  • Completes daily security report of shift activities.
  • ​Responds to all calls and messages on the shelter phone.
  • Understands all standard operating procedures and applies them.