Bridge to Life Center

Mission Solano Bridge to Life Center provides a safe and nurturing environment on a clean and sober campus. During your stay at the Bridge to Life Center, we connect you with trained staff to assist in your individualized goals and lifestyle improvements. These improvements are accomplished through case management, life skill courses, on-the job training, therapy and counseling services, spiritual formation and ​enrichment, and personal holistic based recovery.

The Bridge to Life Center offers (2) two housing types Transitional Beds and Non-Transitional Beds

Bridge Bed (non-transitional) - A 30 to 90-day emergency bed. This is for individuals that have outside employment or are
actively looking for outside employment, and need minimal support services. Up to 70 beds for Men, Women, and Children - 30
to 90-day housing first program for individuals with adequate outside employment. Goals: Savings and Permanent housing.

Rays of HOPE (Transitional) - A 6 to 18-month transitional bed program. This is a recovery and work to housing program that
has 4 Seasons. Transition between Seasons will be driven by completion of case management Success Plan items and time.
Up to 45 beds for men, women, and children (exclusions may apply). Goals: Addiction Recovery Support, handling legal issues,
relationship restoration, Job Skills Training, Life Skills Training, Bible Study, and Appropriate Placement.